Friday, March 30, 2018


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Joh 17:3 (JMNT)
"Now THIS is ETERNAL[eonian] Life : namely, that they may progressively come to intimately and experientially know You, the only true and real (genuine) God - and Jesus Christ, Whom You send forth as an Emissary”.

One of the greatest privileges of our faith in Jesus is that of coming into contact with the Father. This brings us to the importance of prayers as a doorway to experiencing God.

A preacher came to a conclusion, which you will agree with after deep studies and practice, that no man or ministry is greater than his prayer life.

Bible Studies, reading Christian literature, listening to great sermons and great preachers will equip you with the word of God, but it is combining it with a robust prayer(fasting) life that will help you know the God of the word. Jesus highlighted this in his engagement with the Jewish intellectuals and leaders when he said "You diligently search the Scriptures because you think you have eternal life in them, and these are they bearing witness concerning Me; and you are not willing to come to Me, that you may have life." (Joh 5:39-40).

You see, though these men were highly skilled in the knowledge of scripture, their knowledge was deprived of the intimacy and experience of the God of the word. This condition robs people of the opportunity to live lives full of God’s Power, Character and Presence.

Go into today, engaging the Lord with all prayers and supplication, focusing every thought and imagination on Him until your mind becomes fruitful enough to see Christ in all circumstances and all in scripture.(Luke 24:13-45).
-Titus Ojima A

Yearly Bible Reading: Genesis 48-50 (In Devotional Audio)
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