Wednesday, February 7, 2018


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Colossians 4:2(NET)
2 Be devoted to prayer, keeping alert in it with thanksgiving.

A mother observed that her baby became very sickly and would start crying uncontrollably around a particular time of the night. She had done everything she could do medically, but the situation did not improve. As she began to pray more fervently and became devoted to prayer, one of the nights, around the time her baby would begin to cry, she fell into a trance and saw a figure dressed in white entering the room and going towards her baby. As the figure drew closer, she sensed the darkness of its presence even though it was dressed in white. She knew that it was an evil spirit. She immediately woke up from the trance, and with the authority of Christ she cast out that evil spirit and instructed it never to come back again. That was the last day her baby was afflicted.

Many times, believers have been unnecessarily afflicted and troubled because they were not spiritually alert. A spiritually alert person will sense when something going on is a result of demonic activity and will be able to cast out the demons. A spiritually alert believer will be more discerning in spirit than the believer who is not spiritually alert.

As a believer, you should pray all the time and you should also have times when you pray. This is how to be devoted to prayer, and this is how your spiritual senses become alert. Believers who never take out time to pray regularly are generally spiritually weaker and less alert.

Go into today remembering that the way to be spiritually alert is by being devoted to prayer and thanksgiving.
-Pastor SD Abraham

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