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1 Cor 14:14 (KJV)
For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful.

After Kayode was baptized in the Holy Spirit, he found it a struggle to pray in tongues because he did not understand it. He was made to believe that whenever a person prays in tongues, they are to interpret it or they are not to pray in tongues but remain silent. He did not know that he wrongly understood 1 Cor 14:28. He also wasn’t sure that what he prayed was real tongues since it didn’t sound like any known language that anyone could understand.

Many believers have been spiritually impoverished because they do not understand praying in tongues. It is a spiritual gift that helps us pray more accurately and more effectively. When we pray in tongues, we are praying in partnership with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit prays for us through our vocal chords. There are so many prayers we NEED to pray, but we do not know how to pray them because our human understanding is greatly limited. When we pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit prays for us, with us (see Rom 8:26).

When you pray in an unknown tongue, it means it is unknown to men. But it is possible to pray in a known tongue that is known to other people. This manifestation of this gift is usually given as a sign. But most times, when you are praying to God, the tongue you pray with is unknown to men.

When you are praying in tongues to God, you do not need the prayer to be interpreted because God understands all tongues. It is only when you are delivering a message to God’s people in tongues that it is necessary for the message to be interpreted.

Go into today knowing that Praying in tongues is different from giving a message in tongues. Praying in tongues is the surest way to pray in the Spirit. All believers NEED to pray in the spirit (see Jude 1:20, Eph 6:18, 1 Cor 14:15).
-Pastor SD Abraham

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