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1 Peter 5:7 (KJV)
7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

1. Can a man who plans to go on a journey but carries an extremely heavy load on his shoulders get to the airport on time? No, because he stands the risk of missing his flight. Rather he enters a vehicle which is able to carry all his load to his destination (1Peter 5:7). This airport can signify the end of one’s assignment here on earth or a particular phase of life.

2. Can a man who though having entered a vehicle to the airport but carries a luggage beyond the acceptable weight requirement for his flight get on board the plane? No. He has to either remove items from his luggage to meet the travel requirement or risk forfeiting his journey. Jesus is our burden lifter Mattew11:28.

3. Can a man, knowing fully well the laws of the land where he is traveling to, carry with him contraband on his luggage? There is a strong argument that that man on arrival is either deported or jailed depending on what is contained in his baggage. We must examine ourselves regularly to check if we are travel worthy.

You see, the will of God is for us to run this life's race as light as we can be to avoid being weary and eventually fly to his kingdom without the risk of missing our flight, refused entry to our flight, crashing our flight or being deported on arrival at our destination (Isaiah 40:30,31; Matthew 22:11-14). You might have the required passport, visa, bag size/weight but still, if the content is contraband, you will not escape border control. Who has packed your bag for life's journey? Are we ready to cast off our burdens at the foot of the cross of Calvary? What is that thing in life that may become a hindrance to your entering God's kingdom? Do you feel your progress is slow even after you have been saved that you feel unbelievers are overtaking you in the things of life? Cast it all on Jesus.
-Chibo E.C

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