Monday, August 7, 2017


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John 17:3 (KJV)
And this is LIFE ETERNAL, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

One ought to be assured of his salvation because of the Savior not because of the duration.
Will the Savior forsake you? Never! He, the Eternal Savior is (what makes) salvation eternal.
Will the salvation last forever? Please understand this: Eternal is not a function of duration but of location; eternal is not strictly a question of possession but rather, it is a matter of abode.

Eternity does not mean forever. Spirits live forever, but not all spirits have eternal life.
Eternity is a realm where God always is -the God realm.
There is a physical realm and a spiritual realm, and then, there is a God realm.

If I am connected to the God realm, I have what is eternal; and if I am not connected, I do not have what is eternal, regardless of the magnitude of what I have.
Please understand that eternity is therefore a function of having or not having the One who alone is Eternal.
To have eternal life means to abide in the Life, it means to have the One who is Life. And to have eternal salvation means to abide in the Savior.

If, God forbid, someone who had been saved, is now lost. It does not mean they did not have eternal life nor that the salvation they had was not eternal. It was.
It simply means they no longer abode in the Eternal One.

I once read in Selwyn Hughes "Everyday with Jesus" of a guide who led a missionary through a thick forest in order to get to a remote village.

After a series of meanderings, they hit upon a steady path and walked on it for hours.

This prompted the missionary to ask thus "Is this the way?"

"No", the guide replied "this is not the way Sir. I am the way"

"If this path disappears, and you stick with Me, we'd get to the village Sir, but if you send me away and continue down this path, you would most certainly be lost".

Concerning eternal salvation, Christ is the way (2 Timothy 2:10);
Concerning eternal purpose, Christ is the truth (Ephesians 3:11);
And concerning eternal life, Christ is the Life (1John 5:20).

Therefore...ABIDE. Read John 15:1-12
-Dr. Ebele UzorPeters

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