Thursday, March 2, 2017


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John 17:17 (KJV)
Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

Jide admired and wanted to be like David because David was a phenomenal success. When Jide had the opportunity to wORk closely with David, he observed that there were certain truths that David walked in. There were certain things David believed that made him different from other people. Jide understood that David’s success was not unrelated to his approach to life and world view.

A person who walks in God’s truth sees life through the eyes of God. The light with which he sees life is God’s word, not the words and traditions of men. God’s word becomes his light (see Psalm 119:105). If you can see life as God sees life, you will also behave as God would behave. You now have the ability to see life as God sees life because the life of God is now in you if you are born again.

If we understand and walk in God’s truth, we will be Holy as He is Holy. The old sinful heart can never understand God’s truth or walk in it, but the new, born- again heart can understand and walk in God’s truth. Now that you are saved, you have received a heart that can understand God’s truth. Go for God’s truth by going for His word because God’s word establishes His righteousness and truth in our hearts.

Go into today remembering that God sanctifies us by revealing His truth to us. As you align with His truth, you would align more accurately with His nature and become more holy and powerful.

Prayer: Ask the Lord to fill your heart with His truth and help you live by it.
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-Pst SD Abraham

Yearly Bible Plan: I Corinthians 1-2
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