Saturday, August 6, 2016


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John 1:14[NET]
14 Now the Word became flesh and took up residence among us. We saw his glory - the glory of the one and only, full of grace and truth, who came from the Father.
Grace is a tangible spiritual substance that can fill a person. Today's Bible text shows us that Jesus was full of this substance. The reason Jesus could be full of this substance is because he wasn’t born with the unrighteous sinful nature that we were all born with. Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit, so He was born with a Holy nature.

Because of the sinful nature we were born with, sin had dominion and control over us. That was not the case with Jesus, so he could be full of grace and truth. This grace is administered by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Jesus ended sin's control over us by His sacrifice on the cross (see Rom 8:3). He did this by being our substitution and taking the wages of our sins upon himself.

By faith in Christ Jesus, we were included in Him. And in Him, we died to sin when He died, and resurrected to righteousness (the Life of grace) when He resurrected(see Rom 6:4,18). We are no more under the law of sin and death; we are now under the grace of the Lord God- the power of God at work within us to do His good pleasure.

Your new nature of righteousness (which is a gift) is the reason why the Holy Spirit can now dwell in you and empower you to be righteous. He cannot indwell a person with the old nature. The Best He did for people in the old covenant was to come upon them.

Go into today remembering that the sacrifice of Christ is the reason you can receive the grace of God. This grace is administered by the Holy spirit within you.
Prayer: Thank the Lord for dying for you. Not yet born again? Go here
-Pas SD Abraham

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