Monday, May 30, 2016


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Proverbs 15:7
The lips of the wise disperse knowledge, But the heart of the fool does not do so. (NKJV)

One thing you cannot separate from wisdom is knowledge. One of the ways you know wise people is by checking the way they respond to learning and knowledge. I have seen people who practically despise knowledge. They claim that ‘too much knowledge is dangerous’. They could be right to an extent, but the truth remains that one cannot be wise without paying attention to knowledge.

God did not mince words when saying ‘wisdom is the principal thing’ (see Prov 4:7). Many Christians will not make it, not because they are not sincere but because they have failed to acquire sufficient knowledge that crystallizes wisdom in their hearts. In Matthew 25, the five virgins that made it were called wise virgins, while the ones who did not make it were called foolish. There was a rich man that displeased God so much that God took his life instantly. He was called ‘the rich fool’ (see Luke 12:13-21).

As you go into today, remember to ‘add to your faith virtue, and to virtue KNOWLEDGE (see 2 Peter 1:5)

Prayer: Heavenly Father, please help me add relevant knowledge to my life every day. Please help me to be wise indeed. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

-Pastor SD Abraham

YBP: Psalms 63-65

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