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Rom 12:14
14 Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. [NIV]

When armed robbers entered the apartment of the Akande’s, at some point, they attempted to spray everyone with acid. The acid spilled on some of the children and wounded them badly. What people in the other apartments wondered was where the armed robbers got the acid they used. It so happened that the Akande’s had a gallon of acid in their apartment, and the armed robbers found it. ‘What were they doing with so much acid in their home?’ One neighbor frantically asked?

Curses are like spiritual acid. Even though Christians have the power to invoke them, we are not to use them. We are to bless instead of curse. The reason is because God has taken upon Himself the awesome responsibility to judge all wickedness. Let’s leave judgment to God because the Lord’s judgment is the most just. Even though people may escape human justice, no one can escape God’s judgment.

When a person is accustomed to pronouncing curses, curses may not be too far from his dwelling place. When a person is one who blesses, his life would be full of blessings. An African adage says you cannot rub oil on someone’s hair and your hand left without oil.

I believe there would have been no Apostle called Paul if Stephen were like many Christians today that pronounce curses on their enemies. Paul was one of those who sanctioned the murder of Stephen, but instead of pronouncing doom on all who murdered him, Stephen interceded for their souls.

Go into today, deciding to yield to the spirit of Christ within you. This Spirit blesses even when cursing would have been justified. (Read Luke 9:52-55).

Prayer: Father, please help me use the Authority you have given me to advance your Kingdom agenda. Amen.
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- Pas SD Abraham

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