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2 Cor 10:4
We use God's mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments.[NLT]

Mr. Eze's Children thought he was very strict, they didn’t understand what was really going on. In their village, Mr.Eze had many envious wicked enemies who wanted to harm him at all costs. They controlled the commerce of their little village. Mr. Eze knew they would try to poison his children at every opportunity. Therefore, he gave them very strict instructions to never eat or drink anything outside the house. One day, his daughters disobeyed by buying water to drink on their way back from school. When Mr. Eze found out, he punished them severely. He did this because he wanted all his Children to understand the gravity of his instruction.

One day, his first son missed the school bus back home. He didn’t eat breakfast that morning and was very hungry. He decided to buy food from a nearby cafeteria. Actually, the owner of the cafeteria was the one who persuaded him to buy the food at a cheaper rate. As he disobeyed his father and ate the food, he said "daddy would understand". Two hours after he got home, he died because he had eaten a meal that was heavily poisoned.

''God understands" is what many Christians say when they want to break His precepts. They don’t realize that God's precepts were given to protect our spirits from the corruption that is in the world. This corruption is a product of the death force produced by sin.

Go into today knowing that every precept the Lord gives is for your own good. Cast down every stronghold in your heart that says "God will understand". Know that it is your divine life that is at stake when you disobey God's will.

Prayer: Heavenly father, please help me cast down every stronghold in my life. Amen.
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-Pas SD Abraham

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