Sunday, February 14, 2016


Matt 24:12
12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. [KJV] 

When the Daramolas first moved to Abuja, they had great love in their hearts for the brethren. Their hearts and their home was open to anyone who was in need of their help and temporal accommodation in the city.
But certain things had happened over the years and their love for the brethren was now waxing cold. They had been cheated and deceived several times by some so called Christian brethren. There was a time that someone stayed in their house and made away with their laptops, smartphones, and some other valuable belongings. This person was said to be a brother who came from their fellowship in Zaria.

The reality that iniquity will abound in these times is not news. Jesus has forewarned us of this. He has also informed us of the possibility of our love waxing cold because of increasing iniquity. You see, whenever you hear a warning like the one in today’s Bible text, it is meant to prepare you for reality, so that you will not be a victim of diminishing love. One of the indicators that show our love for the Lord is our love for His brethren. When you start losing your love, you have started losing your faith because faith works by love (see Gal 5:6).

Go into today deciding that no matter how much so called brethren have attempted to take advantage of your love, you will not let your love wax cold. Determine to keep loving people regardless of past experiences. Because when you show love to people who come in the name of the Lord, you are actually showing your love for Christ, regardless of who they truly are.

Prayer: Ask the Lord to empower you walk always in brotherly Love and faith.
- Pas SD Abraham

YBP: Romans 9-10

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