Friday, February 12, 2016


Jeremiah 1:12
Then said the Lord unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it. [KJV]

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Very recently, I was believing God for something. And even though I knew my prayers have been answered for months, I didn’t see any manifestation. So I began to pray against delay. But then the Lord showed me this scripture, and I realized the word of God cannot be delayed in my life. The Scripture says God will hasten his word. Another translation says ‘His word is in a hurry to come to pass’

Delay of answered prayers is not in God’s will for us, and anything that is not in line with the will of God should have no capacity to survive in the life of a Christian- one who has been purchased by the precious blood of Jesus.

Next time your answered prayers delay to manifest, pray with this revelations and you will surely have a testimony.

Go into today remembering that God is good to you. He is your heavenly father who is more interested in doing good for you than you want good for yourself. Rest in His Love and cease from unnecessary works inspired by unbelief.

Prayer: I thank you Heavenly Father for saving me and making me your own. I ask for grace to rest in your Love and always please you by living by faith and sound knowledge. Amen.
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-Esiri Amurun & SD Abraham

Yearly Bible Plan: Isaiah 18-22

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