Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Ps 34:4
4 I sought the Lord's help and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. [NET]

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Sometimes, fear is an evidence of a negative spiritual reality that is on its way to becoming physical, just like faith is an evidence of a positive spiritual reality that is on its way to becoming physical. We experience these because we are spirit beings. When we have dealt with our fears, it means the issues generating those fears have also been dealt with. We deal with fears by seeking the Lord. He is the one we have in heaven (the spirit realm) and He takes care of us (see Ps 73:25).

We seek the Lord by praying to Him and telling Him about our fears. We can sometimes fast because fasting is a spiritual exercise that helps us better concentrate on seeking God’s face.

In today’s Bible text, did you notice that David did not say the Lord delivered Him from all his troubles but he said the Lord delivered him from all his fears? I believe he understood that the secret to sustained victory is overcoming your fears.

Fear is more dangerous than many people think; it is the vehicle through which darkness usually invades. People require faith to deal with God and receive from Him, but fear is a negative force against faith. Many times, when the Lord speaks to His people, he usually begins by saying ‘fear not’ (see Gen 15:1, 21:17, 26:24)

The Lord is telling you today to FEAR NOT because He is with you. He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you (see Deu 31:6, Mat 28:20b).

Prayer: Thank the Lord for being there for you in heaven and on earth (See Ps 73:25).
Mention all your fears to the Lord. Ask Him to take them away.

-Pas SD Abraham
YBP: Ps 149-150

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