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Eph 4:25

Therefore, having laid aside falsehood, each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor... KJV

Uche: …but bro victor, you just told that person on the phone a lie. You are in Lagos but you said you were in Kano.

Victor: What is a lie? What is truth? A lie is anything that is not God's word. Truth is God's word. I didn't tell a lie and I didn't do anything wrong. You are too religious.

Victor was right when he defined a lie a being anything that is not God's word because God's word is the absolute truth. But he was absolutely wrong about not being wrong. Falsehood and deceit are fruits of unrighteousness and are not to be found in those who follow Christ.

There are tight situations in life that it appears that the only logical way out is to tell a lie or create a false impression. But remember that Christians operate in a realm that is above the logical; we operate from a realm that controls all things to God’s will. We enter this realm by allowing ourselves to be channels that transmit God’s kingdom; by representing Christ. One way to do this is by being a person of integrity.

Go into today knowing that speaking the truth does not make you vulnerable, rather, it establishes your strength in the Lord because it is a product of faith. Remember that your most treasured possession is your faith (see 1 Pet 1:7); do not let a lying habit tamper with it. Lying is a symptom of faithlessness.

Confession: I am growing in the knowledge of His will. I am growing in faith; I speak the truth always, in Jesus name.

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-SD Abraham

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