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1 These 5:18

In everything give thanks. [KJV]

Have you ever thought of the fact that amidst all the things in your life you’re not comfortable with there are still so many things to be thankful for? In fact there are many more things to be thankful for than there are to be sad about, but oftentimes we focus on the small inconveniences and let them steal the Joy of the other things we have.

It is true that sometimes these inconveniences appear at core areas of our lives like health, finance etc. But do you remember the story of the ten lepers in Luke 17:15-19? The only leper that was made whole was the one who came back to give thanks. This means Jesus still had some unfinished business somewhere in his life, and his thanksgiving which was an expression of his faith, hastened the process.

Go into today giving thanks to God for the things He has done and would do. You’d be surprised at how Joy filled your days will become when they are dominated by a thankful attitude.

Prayer: Thank You Father, in Jesus name. Amen

Not yet born again:

-Utieyin Uduaghan

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