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John 10:4-5

…and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. 5 And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers. (KJV)

Kemi had been having very strange dreams. After sharing her problems with Prophet Femi, he brought a special Salt that she was to sprinkle round her house to drive away demons. He also instructed her to come the next day for him to bath her and wash away the power of the spirit husband who had prevented her from getting married. She went home but was not comfortable with the idea of being bathed. She decided to first go on a personal fast to pray about her problems. She bought some faith building books and started reading them. The second day of her fast was the last day she had that strange dream. The word of God had brought deliverance to Kemi and she was now growing spiritually because she now gave her time to it. She got married one year later. She would later discover that prophet Femi was a false prophet using demonic powers.

Many Christians have fallen prey to false prophets and evil spirits not because they aren’t God’s children but because they are spiritual babes. When you walk closely with the lord, you will grow spiritually; you will grow from being a lamb to becoming a sheep (see Joh 21:15-16). It is Christ's sheep (mature children) that know His voice from that of a stranger. They can differentiate it because of spiritual growth (see Heb 5:14).

Go into today Knowing that God wants you to grow daily; spiritual growth never ends. Plan to study His word and pray more. I recommend you read this free E-book:

Prayer: Thank you Lord for your word today. I pray you help me grow in my walk with you. Amen

-SD Abraham

Yearly Bible Plan: Jeremiah 12-16

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