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Matt 17:21

Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. NET

The disciples of Jesus were given the ability to heal the sick and cast out demons. They could do this because of the grace of God that was now upon them. This they received because of their knowledge of God and of Jesus which they experienced because they physically followed Jesus everywhere.

A day came when they were to cast out a demon from someone. They could not, they didn't have enough might(grace) for this, so they brought the person to Jesus who was full of grace, who casted out the demon promptly. When the disciples tried to find out why they could not cast out that particular demon, Jesus educated them that it was because they did not have sufficient faith and that such could only go out by prayer and fasting.

But Jesus didn't take excuse at that point to go pray and fast before casting out the demon, He was already full of grace and he revealed a key to this great grace when he mentioned PRAYER AND FASTING. He also talked about faith (with which we receive grace).

We have seen earlier that grace is multiplied through the knowledge of God and of the lord Jesus. One of the best ways to have this knowledge is to seek God’s face. An effective way to do this is by prayer and fasting. The major purposes of fasting is to seek God’s face. When you fast, you turn aside from food and pleasures to seek God's face. You do this to avoid distractions and increase your focus and sensitivity to God.

Go into today knowing that the more you seek God, the more you know Him, and the more you know God, the more His grace is multiplied in your life.

Prayer: Thank you father for the grace to seek your face. I pray you multiply this grace in my life, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

By SD Abraham


YEARLY BIBLE PLAN: Genesis 32-35

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