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2 Pet 2:2-3

2 …because of these false teachers, the way of truth will be slandered. 3 And in their greed they will exploit you with deceptive words…


Kemi always wondered why Linda her Neighbor was so antagonistic against Christians. She would never go to church, and would play very loud provocative music on Sunday morning, as if to spite those going to church. She would be very rude if anyone dared invite her for any church related meeting. Kemi later discovered that Linda was once in the church of a false teacher who exploited her. Linda had concluded that Christianity was simply a means that some used to make money in the name of God.

We can see from our text that because of false teachers, the way of truth (Christianity) will be slandered. False teachers are void of the true Christian character (of love), even though they would know how to put up a good show. Here are attributes of their teachings:

· They teach heresies destructive to the body of Christ (see 2 Pet 2:1b).Their teachings cause divisions and not unity.

· Their doctrines passively deny Christ; they take the attention of their hearers from Christ to laws; their teachings give more expression to laws than to a relationship with God, fellowship with the Holy Spirit, and the grace of the lord.

· Their doctrines encourage lasciviousness and immorality; some of them who claim to teach grace teach doctrines that result in lawlessness and compromises in the lives of their followers.

· Their doctrines tend to exploit the people for material gain: these doctrines promote materialism and worldliness among Christians; more emphasis is more on what you can get in this world than on the kingdom of God.

Go into today knowing that the only way to immunize yourself from deception is knowing the word of God for yourself. Develop a conscious bible study habit. If it is more convenient, make a habit of listening to audio bibles regularly.

Prayer: Father, I pray you help me know your word and continue to grow spiritually, in Jesus name I pray. Amen

SD Abraham

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