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Eph 5:17

Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.


The will of God is His fixed and persistent intent or purpose, which is made known in His Word and our daily work with the Holy Spirit. And it always stands because it is founded on immutable and eternal forces: His purpose (or perfect design), His counsel (or sure judgment) and His volition (or eternal will) (see Isa 46:10-11, Eph 1:11).

All of existence takes bearing from God’s will because the world was formed and is and continues to be according to His word - His will (see Heb 1:3). Hence, not following after the will of God is the greatest folly, because it means kicking against the pricks and deflecting from the ordained course, which of course, has grave consequences (see Is. 41:12, Acts 26:14, Is 31:1-3). But it is wisdom to understand and do the will of God, as you would be propelled by the greatest force in the universe; for all things were fashioned to move in the direction of God’s will - be it the rotation of the earth or your career pursuits.

Go into today, seeking to know God’s purpose and counsel for your life; relationships, career and eternal destination, and walk in it.

PRAYER: Father, I thank you that your will for mankind is not hidden, I align myself with your word and your spirit in all that concerns me in Jesus name. Amen

By CE Toviam

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