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Proverbs 10:24

"...what the righteous desires will be given to him."

This is indeed a very encouraging promise from the Lord. In a world full of heartaches and life threatening challenges, in a world ridden with poverty, starvation, unemployment, uncertainties and all forms of frustrating situations, God has given us His word " what the righteous desires will be given him". The question now is, what do you desire? Or, let me put it this way, are you righteous? Is Jesus Lord of your life? Have you given up all for Him? Is your life built on Him? If indeed the Lord is the one in charge of your life, whatever you desire, He has promised to give them to you.

Friends, the most interesting part is that He is the one that will guide you to desire the right things. Ezekiel 36:26 "and I will give you a new heart- I will give you new and right desires- and put a new spirit within you..."(living bible). So, you see, you don't have to fret or be afraid, what the righteous desires will be given him.

Go into today knowing that God sees your needs and your desires and it gives Him joy to satisfy you; mention two specific (right)desires of your heart to God today and expect a miracle.

Prayer: thank you heavenly father for your word of comfort and hope. I pray you help me walk constantly in the reality of your truth, in Jesus name I pray. Amen

By Utuokon Ubukudom & SD Abraham

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