Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jesus (part 2)



Heb 1:5-8

For to which of the angels did He ever say:

"You are My Son,

Today I have begotten You"?

And again:

"I will be to Him a Father,

And He shall be to Me a Son"?

6 But when He again brings the firstborn into the world, He says:

"Let all the angels of God worship Him."

7 And of the angels He says:

"Who makes His angels spirits

And His ministers a flame of fire."


Jesus is so superior to the angels because Jesus is the only begotten son of God and He is the Christ.

Even though Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit, he earned his position in heaven by fulfilling the purpose for which he was manifested on the earth. Jesus was manifested as a man and he lived within the limits of humankind until the time came when he was exalted as the Christ.

So even though He came in form of flesh for a season; flesh which God made lower than the angels, He became superior to them because he was exalted and glorified; and incurred a name that is above any other, he is in this exalted position as the Christ, in the image of God, the image in which we also were created, so He is like unto the son of man (humankind) (see Rev 1:13).

He became the Christ; and was the first begotten of the dead (see Rev 1:5). In order for flesh to yield a body of life it needed to die. Jesus was the first one to bud out of the death of the flesh as it were. A seed does not become a tree unless it first falls to the ground and dies and then brings forth a new (living) tree. Jesus was the first shoot of that living tree that the flesh produced in that he was the first with the resurrected (glorified) human body which was indeed a resurrection from the body of flesh to a celestial or glorified body. This is the kind of body that Adam had before he died and became flesh.

Go into today knowing that you are a member of the body of Christ. You are a partaker in His inheritance and God’s plan for you is to be as He is.

By SD Abraham

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