Wednesday, July 31, 2013


2 Tim 2:11-12
This is a trustworthy saying:
If we die with him, we will also live with him.12 If we endure hardship, we will reign with him. If we deny him, he will deny us.

There is a truth in the gospel that I had  a hard time understanding, and this truth is that ‘I have been crucified with Christ, that it is no longer I that live but Christ that lives through me’ I learnt as a young Christian that this truth was the key to living a victorious and a consistent Christian life. The only reason we are not judged as the law of God stipulates is because we are dead to the law and this is literal. The only people that the law can lose its effect and power on are those who are dead. For example, when a man who is alive enters water and he does not know how to swim, that man is bound to sink; he will sink in the water because of a physical law on earth called the law of gravity. When the man dies, his body begins to float on the water, thereby disobeying the law of gravity. The law of gravity stops working on the man after he is dead.
The spiritual law of life stipulates that a soul that sins shall die. This death is not just the physical death; it also implied the spiritual death, the kind of death that the devil and his angels will experience because they sinned. It also is not just a physical death because sin is not just physical but also spiritual. That law applies to everyone living.
We had to be put to death with Christ (in the realm of eternity that is void of time) in order for us as humans to be free from the law that sentences us to death. Jesus came to save the whole world in that He came to remove the conditionless sentencing of all mankind to spiritual death and this also happened in the realm of eternity; This means that this happened in a realm that is not in time but passes through time, So when He did it in the realm of eternity, it was as if it was done in the realm of time before the beginning of creation yet if He did not do it, we would have remained enslaved to the fate of spiritual death, because we all sinned.
Go into today with the assurance that your old self has been put to death on the cross and that you are no longer under the limitation of any course but are under the grace of God.
Prayer: Dear lord, please help me to carry my cross daily and follow you; help me to walk circumspectly and be filled with your Spirit at all times. Amen
Written By Abraham Arigi Jr


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